justin bieber getting hit in the head from three different angles



justin bieber getting hit in the head from three different angles

A flock of sheep calmly graze in an endless field of grass, under the shadow of a cliff nested by giant eagles. The eagles live as they do, vying for dominance of the skies around the cliff, driving out smaller birds, and when they are hungry, snatch a lamb from the flock to feed their own young and fuel their growing population and control over the terrain. The rams, finding their horns ineffective against the aeronautic beasts, instead turn against the other rams and quarrel over the better patch of grass. The sheep quietly go back to grazing, ignoring the crying bleats of the lamb. Some sheep learn to look up and bleat when they see the eagles swoop, but their calls do not stop the eagle, and are then ignored and forgotten by the majority of the herd, and the bleaters then find themselves in the grasp of the eagles.

Dissociative “disorders”

You are water, being poured into a cup. The cup is too small so you trickle back into the ocean. You are a soft breeze, stirring small ripples on the surface of the water, causing smaller rivulets to drip from the cup. You are the tiny rivers connecting the cup to the sea.

The spirits are quiet. My soul is stagnant.
My body is wasting. My mind is tense.

I must prove my worth and regain myself.

I must prepare for what will come.

So, apparently Babblr is now working

We all have voices in our head, but some people have trouble distinguishing themselves from the others. The others often have trouble distinguishing themselves from me.








“I’m not ashamed to dress “like a woman” because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.” -Iggy Pop

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“His manager asked “Ig, why are you wearing a womans dress?” and Iggy replied “I beg to differ, this is a mans dress.””

Iggy Pop is the fucking man.

second prettiest man dress

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the game of thrones facebook wall is a thing of beauty right now.